Thursday, January 17, 2013

My First Myth Buster!

So, I am sure that we have all heard our share of "urban legends," and I am pretty sure it has been through some second-cousin's-next-door-neighbor's-dog-sitter-from-two-blocks-down! Well I am here to tell you that I will be checking these scary stories out! I want to go to whatever "haunted" dorm hall there is at UTPA, and try Bloody Mary.  I am not saying I am not scared because that is far from it! I still sleep with a nightlight! All those will come in time, so let's start small.

With that said, I already had my first myth busting experience!  And it is with one I am sure you all have heard of; The famous "don't eat pop rocks and coke because you will explode" myth! It is false! I tried this, and all that happened was an upset stomach!

So here it is folks, the truth behind the pop rocks and coke urban legend, and it was not true.  I mean, I wouldn't recommend you go out and buy these two because they are unhealthy, but if you would like to try it yourself, you don't have to be scared anymore!

 1) Pop Rocks & Coke 
 2) Bloody Mary

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