Tuesday, April 30, 2013


For the sake of argument, however, let’s say that tales of terror about the Ouija board are true.  Should we blame the board? Or should we blame the people using the board? In other words, where is this negativity really coming from? Is it coming from a demon, who I guess we have to assume is sitting around with nothing better to do, waiting for teenagers to sit down at a Ouija board to scare the crap out of them with a selection of supernatural antics? Or is it more likely that any effects – supernatural or not – arise out of the energized subconscious of the users? Are the movements all in their heads??

You’ll know that I do believe that people can get possessed using this board, and I would never use it! I may be too much of a "pastor's daughter" do even allow someone into my house with this thing because I don't call it a game. 

These are ancient superstitions – that may be made up, but I don't want to find out that they aren't! It is pretty much unknown who invented the Ouija board...but I have read on several websites it was Elijah Bond, whose name was on the original patent documents under the heading "inventor". Still, some say it as a man named Charles Kennard. Regardless of who actually invented the board, it is still creepy!

In 1848, two sisters in New York said they made contact with a dead peddler -- and basically kicked off the widespread popularity of "Spiritualism" in America.  Through the late 18th century and early 19th century, communicating with the dead became a very popular and widespread activity. Some people took it very seriously, a lot of people thought it was just a fun past time, and a lot of people were more interested in profiting off the trend than anything else.  The primary reason the Ouija board came into being was because people more-or-less found other methods of communication (interpreting knocks and taps, or illegible scrawl from a spirit-writing device) to be boring after a while -- and were frustrated with methods that resulted in little/hard-to-understand payoff.

Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I won't be playing with this "game" anytime soon!  I have also found some stories online that you can read and decide for yourself whether or not you think its real. 
And yes, I really am a pastor's daughter...

"It goes a little something like this. This is not actually about me, but about what happened to my dad, but it has affected all who enter our house.
One night, my dad and his buddies were at our house, just messing around. They were about 17 or so. Well, somebody had the brilliant idea of bringing along an ouija board. At first, it was all in good fun, they were just asking random questions. Then, they asked “its” name. It began rambling off letters for about five minutes, it looked like it had a whole mess of different names inside it. It would have kept going, but they decided to stop it. Then they asked how old it was, and it did the same thing. It just went on, and on with random numbers, and they eventually just stopped that too. Then, they asked, “Could you possess us?” and it pointed to “yes”. They asked, “could we help you?” and it pointed to “yes” again. Then, being the idiot he was, my dad jokingly took a crucifix and touched it to the ouija board. The second it touched, Jesus fell off of the crucifix at hands & feet" 

"Hello,my name is Joey,I am from Illinois in the USA. I have been a Paranormal Investigator for 14 years. My beginning was with a Ouiji Board,I had no religion at the time. I had sat down with two friends,and we entered the ouiji board,it lead us to the gatekeeper…”Amond”…who lead us to several other spirits,including my deceased father. well things got nasty quick,after the demon made me mad,it royally pissed me off. I challenged its power for 2 solid hours. Finally I just stood up and walked away. A week later,I was driving down a dirt farm road,I noticed that the air in the car was heavy,so I rolled down my window. I started feeling sick to my stomach,so I stopped my car,and took some deep breathes. I lite my cigarette,and started to turn on my car,suddenly my back of my neck felt sharply cold…then heat warmed my neck up fast…..then I felt this liquid sensation on my back of my neck. I thought it was just sweat….,I pulled my hand back and my hand was full of blood. I drove fast to the emergency room,were I was treated for deep cuts on the back of my neck,the nurse asked me if I was in a fight? I simply replied “yes”..but in a spiritual sense,then I went home."

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